New Football Game Announced! Maximum Football 2018

New Football Game Announced! Maximum Football 2018

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21 thoughts on “New Football Game Announced! Maximum Football 2018”

  1. I will definitely be buying it. I want them to have a franchise mode and a superstar mode like in madden 07 when you controlled the player in his apartment and could go to the barber, train, news, tattoo and your agent

  2. Looks good, We need new football games and franchises; It’s still in development I’m hoping for better textures although it already looks way better than CFL 17. I’ll support it, would love a beta first.

  3. When u do an interview can u ask them if when they get licensed that if they will add Manziel and a trade connection so if people want to move players from madden to Canadian teams

  4. I think it’s hilarious some people in the comments say they will actually buy this garbage. Are you blind? This literally is like Madden 08. You really want to play a game that looks like it was made a DECADE ago? Just play Madden 08 then lol.

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