NOT STOPPING UNTIL I’M DONE | Welcome to the Game 2 – Part 6

I’m literally not gonna stop playing Welcome to the Game 2 until the ENDING!!
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39 thoughts on “NOT STOPPING UNTIL I’M DONE | Welcome to the Game 2 – Part 6”

  1. He could have finished the game 10 hours earlier if he wouldnt freaking livestream it and dont concentrate his First run would be perfect but he was so unconcentrated

  2. I honestly don't see the big deal about his rage. People made it sound like he was being a horrible dick or something. And like…yeah it is kinda mean to say it's a shit game and stuff cause i'm sure the people who made it worked hard on it. But he has a right to express his opinion. He usually has rage quits…we know this. But people are saying they're disappointed in him and he should know better and shit….calm down! Now I've actually seen the part he got mad, i realize it's the fans that made it worse. They made is so dramatic, like….he said 'i hope you die' or 'i hope your mother dies' or something like that…all he did was get a little pouty and it's understandable! He was close. He's gotten mad at other games. He's called games worse than 'stupid' and 'bullshit' and stuff. So we all need to calm down and realize it was a heat of the moment rage speech. and he even called it.."SOMEBODY'S GONNA TWIST MY WORDS" and obviously he was right.

  3. This comment section is hard to read. Its the perfect mix of cringe with a dash of complaints about the game. Well listen to this you little delinquents. This game is genius, Its the most nerve racking and tense , dreadful experience I've ever watched let alone playing it! That is the point you uneducated juveniles aren't understanding. Welcome to the game 2 is meant to be hard and unforgiving, the unpredictability and difficulty of the game is what makes it so terribly great! FUN FACT ; Difficult and unpredictable games tend to be the most horrifying. Now before you jump on to Markipliers band wagon consider this. Mark did NOT use motion sensors or any of the other tools the game developers have provided him, Its pretty clear how to avoid most threats. The most bizarre solution to Lucas iv heard so far is that you have to hide in the shower for 5 minutes! 5 MINUTES!? When you hear him leave HES GONE! lol You dont have to keep waiting! Common sense! Iv seen many people beat the game and they were using motion sensors! You dont need to spam hack even! YOU HAVE UNTIL 4 OCLOCK! Utilize all the time you have to prepare! Be patient!

    Note: I loved watching this series its been one of my favorite so far by Markiplier.
    Welcome to the Game 2 is good enough
    Good Job Reflect Studios.

  4. its a lot of these rants that make it cringey to watch mark these days. like i get it, the game is hard and stressful, but he's an adult with lots of people looking up to and mimicking his behavior. it just feels inappropriate.

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