PES 2018 E3 Trailer

E3 2017 is here. Time for full PES 2018 reveal trailer. ESRB Rating: EVERYONE

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43 thoughts on “PES 2018 E3 Trailer”

  1. Im only pes player…. But why why why is AI in interfere why…. If the AI doesent wont u to win u cant win, or if it wants u to get a goal u cant block it…. What is this for a shit????

  2. Não compram este jogo. Online é uma merda. As pessoas não aceitam perder e desligam a internet. Hoje em dia ele fazem a conexão ficar mais pesada que nem se consegue criar jogadas… enfim

  3. lansa uma atualização com modo amistoso mano e o elencos dos times verdadeiros e o modo normal do pes mobile seria o modo carreira LANSA! mas mesmo assim o jogo e bom mas LANSA essa atualização!por favor Konami

  4. señores de PES (PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER) les voy a decir unas cosas que haran que PES 2019 sea mejor
    1-Los jugadores sean mas rapidos a la hora de contraataque
    2-Trabajar los fuera de juegos o fueras de lugar
    3-Que los jugadores no se queden tiezos cuando los humillan o los driblan
    4-Poner a Neymar Jr en el FC BARCELONA porque ya esta listo su vuelta a barcelona esto es para PES 2020
    5-Poner relatores
    6-que los arqueros reaccionen a los cabezazos o centros
    7-Que los jugadores puedan regatear mas

  5. Next year can you fucking focus on licenses? No more Man Red, Man Blue, London FC and other bullshit. And add snow weather, and add hands, I haven't seen in one game getting a free kick or penalty for hands, only for faults.

  6. Camera angles are very poor. There are only a few cameras that are properly set up, and a few unnecessary cameras are very meaningless.
    For each player, custom body modeling and running style must be created. Speed ​​settings step frequency and step length parameters must be introduced.

  7. Do any one want my account which include messi,bale,coutinho,hazard,inesta,marcelo,bonucci,buffon,verrati,naingolan,mertens,etc include total of 16 black ball players and about 35 golden ball players?

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