Grand Theft Auto Online; 3mil+ for the Oppressor Flying Motorcycle. Is it Worth it? May 2018 Tips

This bike is amazing. Going from one edge of the map to another is quick, the bike is turbo quick, and extremely versatile. Comes stock with a mounted turret gun and wings, so you can rain down havoc and make your quick escape. What’s not to love? Alot.

You become a massive target. When people see that oppressor symbol flying around the map, they can’t wait to take you out. Heat seeking missles are always chasing you, as people in jets use you as fodder. While you can dodge these heat seekers with a little bit of skill and timing, it quickly gets annoying trying to escape other players, or shake them off your tail. That being said, you can make it easier on yourself by staying on the ground most of the time, utilizing the booster. I will usually zip around, only going airborne to avoid obstacles, quickly lose or avoid someone, or if I need to travel to another neighborhood or area. This reduces the amount of jets that will spot you, and increase the difficulty of locking on to you.

Another problem is learning to fly it. Get used to crashing. This includes losing your bike on the roof, bursting into flames mid air, and lots of calls to your insurance company. Load up on snacks if you want to survive the initial crashing and adaptation period. Here is a tip, when you lose your bike on a roof and you cant call your mechanic to help you, if you are in a motorcycle club you can return your vehicle to your garage, and simply re-request it again from the personal menu.

Over three million GTA Cash. Worth it.

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