Is Stardew Valley Console COOP Right Around the Corner? Probably. May 2018

Stardew Valley is great. Manage your farm, grow your crops, profit.

The only problem is it can get a little repetitive, especially if you have sunk a bunch of time already, and built up a respectable farm. Well, now, Steam has released the first COOP beta, and it looks like we will be able to plant, grow, and harvest with our friends. Also, we seem to be able to have up to four people on one farm, and load them into our pre-made farms to help us or give them a tour.

While there is no news on the console coop futures, with the beta testing multiplayer, and the fanatic farmers clammoring for it, I am sure they are working on something. I mean, think of how fun it would be to sit around with some friends on your Switch, Xbox One, or PS4, watching the plants grow.

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