World Video Game Hall of Fame New Members; John Madden and Lara Croft May 2018

Man, times have changed. Proof is in the pudding, if you look to games that defined a genre.

Lara Croft, a beautiful, brave, and genius woman, delves into adventures to retrieve relics lost to man. While doing so, she sports her infamous, while not very protecting, scantily clad attire. With creative puzzle solving, handy marksmanship, and perhaps a dash of patients, this classic has adventured itself in the World Video Games Hall of Fame.

Also on the inductee list, John Madden. While a knee injury ended his career before it even began, that didn’t stop him from having a lasting effect on the game. John Madden, player, coach, announcer, legend. The Madden franchise keeps on with yearly updates, seemingly with no stop in sight. This mans name rests on a plethora of old game cases. There is no way the sport will for get this man, or the video game world for that matter.

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