Rumored PS4 Pro Spiderman Bundle? Maybe, Maybe Not. Reddit Rumors May 2018

Reddit has been in a storm over the new PS4 Pro bundle picture (see above) bundle that has surfaced. With wall crawling aesthetics and perhaps some overused red (God of War just bundled PS4, some users arent too happy about the leaked image, while most still think it is just a fake. This console doesn’t look too bad, and the spiderman hard cores would probably shoot some web over this one, although it is still lacking a few things.

Still this thing is most likely a fake, as the release of this photo is most likely a created image, used to tease the fans and perhaps get their hopes up. People are saying the controller could use some webbing to make it more grippable, which would be perfect for this bundle. If i hadn’t recently purchased my PS4 Pro, I would be considering this.

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