Love MMA? Into Tycoon Games? This may be a dream come true.

MMA games seem to be lacking recently. There is always a lingering problem that isn’t addressed in EA’s yearly installments, and things forgotton by older MMA games. Bottom line is, alot of people are left wanting more when it comes to the worlds most in depth combat sports. Well, that’s where MMATYCOON comes in.

First of all, there is just so much to do in this game. You are a manager who is looking to create top fighters and train them to win championships, grappling events, and even create clothing lines & run your own gyms. Every aspect is accounted for here. First you begin by creating your fighter(s) (Or hiring from free agency pool.) You choose from a plethora of MMA related stats to choose exactly the build you want. Want a brawler like Matt Brown? You can build him. Want a Damien Maia? you can build it.

Once you have completed crafting your combat character, (phew) you can then adjust their gameplan according to how you want them to fight.

You can even set how you think your opponent will structure his gameplan.

You can then go on to join a gym and choose what types of styles to focus on. You want strong BJJ? Train at a BJJ gym. There will be differant trainers with different skills, and you can totally design their training schedule. Be careful not to get injured, or overtrain!
You can join grappling competitions, open supplement companies, and create the biggest MMA star in history.
All the fights aren’t fighting game, or aracde style, they are based on stats and have a wide variety of things that can happen. Including injuries, bad ref calls, and even crowd moments.

If you do wan’t to play please use my referral link! LETS GET IT ON!

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